The Future V3 Center: Renderings from LSE Architects

Things have been moving at the speed of Michael Phelps for the V3 team this summer. Between attending the Olympic Trials and throwing a community celebration to welcome our 50-Meter Olympics Trials Pool, we’ve hardly had time to take a breath! Now, we’re proud to give you a glimpse inside what the V3 Center could look like. LSE’s Architects really took our breath away after they put together their concept for the project. Take this virtual trip through the building and imagine yourself swimming, working out, and connecting with your community in this world-class facility at Plymouth and Lyndale Avenues North. Our design and build teams are from Minneapolis and understand our community. Their collective vision and ours align perfectly and we can’t wait to break ground (we’re getting closer every day)!



A special thanks to our event sponsors RJM Construction, LSE Architects, USA Swimming, Minneapolis Foundation, and kpCompanies!

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