• Our World-Class Pool: Behind the Scenes at the Olympic Trials in Omaha


Who’s the fastest? Who’s peaking at just the right moment in time? The Olympic Trials are all about challenges. V3 challenges you to find someone who knows more about building a world-class pool than Myrtha’s John Ireland. In fact, we dare you to find a team that could put the best pool in the world

Thank you to everyone who came out to V3’s National Night Out party! It was an amazing opportunity to come together and celebrate what makes us great—community! Check out some of our favorite images from the night.

Things have been moving at the speed of Michael Phelps for the V3 team this summer. Between attending the Olympic Trials and throwing a community celebration to welcome our 50-Meter Olympics Trials Pool, we’ve hardly had time to take a breath! Now, we’re proud to give you a glimpse inside what the V3 Center could

The V3 Center will not be built without the community’s support. Coming off the US Olympic Swim Trials, where our 50-meter pool was used in Omaha to select the Summer Games Team, support is building. It was evident as a gathering to acknowledge the arrival of the aforementioned pool grew into a celebration of more

It was 11 p.m. on a Sunday night, about 2 hours after records fell and a few of the world’s best athletes just qualified to represent the US in the Summer Games in Tokyo. The bright lights were still shining, the Trials pool was still glimmering, but the loud cheers of excitement from a crowd

At the Olympic Swimming Trials in Omaha, you could find a swimming superstar in just about every corner of the cavernous CHI Arena. Elite athletes were cutting through V3’s future 50-meter pool, trying to sprint their way onto the 53-member Summer Games squad. Former Olympians, groundbreaking legends, could also be spotted, if you knew who

It is extremely difficult to earn one of the 53 spots on the US Olympic Swim Team. Actually, it’s pretty difficult to describe the trials in which world-class athletes compete for coveted spots. “I love it. You know, young people competing. I love the patriotism. I love the excellence, the commitment to the sport. I

North Minneapolis is a vibrant community, filled with love, unity, and indescribable energy. And an entrance to this incredible group of neighborhoods sits on the corner of Plymouth and Lyndale Avenues. Coincidentally, this is where we’ll build the V3 Community Center, complete with world-class training and fitness opportunities, the 50-meter pool used at the 2021

The US Olympic Team Trials, held in Omaha, Nebraska, hold a very special place in the international swim world. All eyes are on the swimmers competing for a chance to represent America in the Summer Games. But before swimmers hop up on the blocks, before they even fire up the ultra-bright spotlights of CHI Arena,

Malik Rucker near the future home of the V3 Center. When Malik Rucker pops into a zoom meeting, he’s all smiles. As the conversation begins, his energy and enthusiasm are contagious, even though we’re merely connected virtually on computer screens. The past two weeks have been a whirlwind since being named V3’s Director of Partnerships