V3’s Newest Team Member Raven Tittle: Full Speed Ahead Breaking Barriers

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*Raven is no longer with V3 (as of August 2022) – We are extremely grateful for the months Raven worked with V3, and are cheering her on as she pursues her law degree full-time at the University of St. Thomas!

Read below to know more about Raven.

In just 25 years, Raven Tittle has lived an extremely full life. She seems to sprint towards success with every challenge she takes on, whether it’s on the track or in the classroom, or with a whistle while she guides youth. Every step of the way, she is working to break that glass ceiling on behalf of women and people of color; it’s what makes her the perfect fit as V3 Sports’ Administrative Manager. It’s another giant leap for a leader who is on her way to accomplishing big things!

“When I was a kid, I was never really focused on team sports as much. I was focused on, okay, if I’m going to lose, it’s because of me. That was kind of my whole thing, but now I’m a firm believer that you need people at the end of the day. No one has gotten to where they are without somebody helping them,” Tittle explains.

As a high school athlete at East Ridge in Woodbury, Raven excelled as a sprinter, finding great success in 100-meter races and becoming nationally ranked in the 200. After a year of running for Howard University, she hung up her track shoes to focus on her career, and more specifically, breaking that “glass ceiling.”

“I even wrote a capstone paper on that when I graduated from Georgetown. It focused on how we need to diversify and not only include more Black people in general into the sports and entertainment industry, but include them in higher tier (executive) positions as well. And women really need to be included in this conversation, so now I’m working to open up doors for people,” Raven said.

“I’m a firm believer that you need people at the end of the day. No one has gotten to where they are without somebody helping them.”

— Raven Tittle


And that includes Raven as well. Not sure if you caught that, but after graduating from Howard University with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management and a minor in Political Science, she earned a master’s degree from Georgetown University in Sports Industry Management. She’s also held positions supporting government, NFL teams (Washington and Minnesota), and DC’s Scholastic Athletic Association. She’s even had a role as a Manager at Amazon. But home has a way of pulling young adults back, and when she learned a little bit more about V3’s vision and mission, she sprinted towards North Minneapolis.

“Really just being able to give back to the V3 mission. That’s something I’m interested in; giving opportunities and resources to a community that’s clearly lacking those things, especially as it pertains to swimming safety and education.”

As a lifelong learner, she’s also not quite done with school. This fall she’ll be on campus at St. Thomas, working to obtain her law degree. It appears that the proverbial “glass ceiling” doesn’t stand much of a chance.

“I’m definitely headstrong as it pertains to working and attaining my third degree. I want to be an advocate for people of color when it comes to the sports industry. The most logical way for me to get there is to go back to school and be able to learn the law. As a lawyer or an agent, I can be an advocate,” she concludes.

We look forward to her many contributions as we break ground on the V3 Center!

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