Mural Painting Open Call for the V3 Center

Introducing V3 Sports

V3 Sports is opening a world-class health and wellness center called, The V3 Center, located in the heart of North Minneapolis. V3 Sports is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to elevating our community through wellness, fitness, and education. We have a strong relationship with water and increasing aquatic knowledge; one of our big goals is to decrease the number of drowning incidents that occur within our community. Unfortunately, this number is 5x higher for our black and brown peers, another reason why V3 is dedicated to creating equal access to aquatic learning.

Although we have a passion for water, the V3 Center will provide equal access to all healthier lifestyle choices, such as healthy food in our soon-to-be restaurant, a fitness floor, group fitness rooms, a place to gather with our community, drop-in childcare, and a therapy pool. We all do better, when we all do better! And V3 is here to elevate North Minneapolis and the surrounding areas, making our city and our state a better place for everyone.


V3 Sports is soliciting proposals from qualified artists or a team of artists to provide design and implementation services for an interior mural at the V3 Center. The mural will be painted in the lobby of the V3 Center; an area open to the public.

The project area is approximately 264 square feet on one wall with slanted edges (a trapezoid shape). Images of the wall are provided near the bottom. Work would consist of design as well as production of work on-site, which must be executed by experienced artists. The wall will be primed and ready for the artist to begin painting.

The goal of the mural is to visually reflect the V3 mission: “Elevate our community through wellness, fitness and education.” Incorporating the following elements will increase the likelihood of a winning proposal.  

  • The name, “V3 Sports”
  • The word, “Elevate”
  • Sports theme with emphasis on aquatics
  • Wellness, health, and actively working out
  • Images that reflect these words: Bold, Proud, Energetic, Welcoming, Honest, Joy, and Authentic
  • Diversity in characters (All skin color)
  • North Minneapolis and surrounding area landmarks (Most known)
  • Quotes about equality, equity, civil rights

The deadline for proposals has been extended to midnight on January 24th, 2024. If you choose to email your proposal, send to and use the subject line, “V3 Sports Mural Proposal.” You may also submit your proposal via physical mail to V3 Sports at 701 Plymouth Ave. N, Minneapolis, MN 55411. See below for more information on submissions.

V3 Sports staff and board members will review all of the proposals submitted. Each proposal will be notified within two weeks with results. If you are not selected, you will still receive a notification.

You will be required to sign a liability form before beginning work.

The artist(s) may begin painting on a date to be determined in (early) February and must have the mural completed by March 6th. 

The total compensation for this mural is $6,500. 

The artist is responsible for their own materials.

A ladder will be provided.

The wall will be primed and ready to paint. You will be responsible for any additional wall surface preparation.

Each submission must include: 

  • A design illustrating the concept of your proposed mural. It can be a sketch, just remember, the clearer you exhibit your mural concept, the clearer we can see your vision, and the higher the chance to be selected.
  • Artist(s) resume(s). Be sure to include the city you currently reside in and where you were born and raised.
  • A brief one (1) page summary of work, including experience with murals (exterior and/or interior), and general statement of work.
  • A brief one (1) page summary of why you’re excited about this project, what it means to you, and why you’re the best candidate.
  • Artwork samples of murals and other works or projects, shall be no more than five (5) listed in chronological order with the most recent as the first sample.

Please submit your application as a PDF via email:

If you have any questions, email: 

If you cannot submit via email, you can mail a physical copy to V3 Sports at 701 Plymouth Ave N. Minneapolis, MN 55411

*Since the V3 Center reflects our community, we will give special consideration to artists who reside in North Minneapolis and Minneapolis.* 

Artists may apply as individuals, or as a group of artists who may form a team to submit a collaborative proposal. The latter option may provide an opportunity for artists with less public art experience to partner with more established muralists and gain valuable experience and credentials. However, artists wishing to apply as a team should appoint and pronounce one (1) person to officiate as the main contact for the project. Delegation of project duties shall be listed in application along with a declaration for a one source of payment, as the group of artists should delegate how to divide their commissions/fees prior to an award.

Financial compensation will be made in accordance with an agreed upon contract between the artist(s) and V3 Sports.

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