A Season of Awards at V3 Sports

This year has flown by, and RJM Construction and TRI-Construction have been nothing short of exceptional. The progress on the V3 Center has been remarkable, and V3 couldn’t be more pleased with their dedication and efficiency. The team’s diligent approach to their work, paired with the vibrant personalities of its members, has truly enlivened the space. 

As we transition into fall and prepare for the final phase of construction this winter, it’s impressive to note that nearly all the exterior architecture is complete. Inside, we’re witnessing LSE Architect’s design come to life and the anticipation can be felt in the air! We’re eagerly counting down the days to our soft opening in Q1 of 2024. The V3 center opens in nearly 20 weeks starting at the end of October, so be sure to look out for our early membership opportunities!

If you have any interest in our memberships, please email info@v3sports.org.


Chanda S. Baker speaking in front of the guests at the sneak peek event.

In early October, V3 held a special sneak peek event, hosted by Chanda S. Baker, inviting our partners, donors, and cherished community members to take a first look at the upcoming V3 Center. It was a chance to see firsthand the incredible space they’ve helped create. We’re deeply thankful for every person who’s stood by us, aiming to uplift our community through wellness, fitness, and education to bring this vision to life. Our guests also provided feedback and opinions on our membership pricing, the type of food we should have in our restaurant, and how certain spaces can be utilized. If you’d like to add your two cents, we’d love to have your opinion! Click here to fill our a brief 3-5 minute survey. 

We recognize that the V3 Center is an ambitious undertaking with great expectations, and with the unwavering support of our amazing community, we’re confident the V3 Center will not only meet but exceed the goals we’ve set.  

There are people looking for the opportunity to swim indoors during the cold months, and there are people that need a closer space to work out. The V3 Center will offer affordable memberships for access to healthier lifestyle options.  

Malik Rukcer celebrating his award on the Allianz field.

This fall has been quite the season for awards! Malik Rucker was named a recipient of the “L’etoile de Nord” award (French for, “Star of the North”) by Minnesota United Football Club. Rucker is our Director of Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement, and one of the best at what he does. This award is well deserved. The V3 team and the community of Minneapolis couldn’t be prouder of the work Rucker is doing with V3 and North Minneapolis. Born and raised in North Minneapolis, he has a big heart for the community he serves and continues to build meaningful bridges in the corporate space as welll as within our community spaces – serving our neighbors and families with passion. Congratulations, Malik, and keep up the amazing work! 

The other award winner this season is none other than V3 Sports Founder, Erika L. Binger. WISE TC (Women in Sports and Events Twin Cities) will be awarding Binger as Changemaker of the Year on Nov. 2nd at the 2023 Women of Inspiration event in Minneapolis. Binger is one of the hardest working women in this industry and this award is much deserved as she takes on an ambitious feat to provide one of the largest investments in North Minneapolis and bring it to life. Her genuine heart to serve our community of North Minneapolis is awe-inspiring and much needed if we are to elevate our community and bring a new sense of life that authentically provides a welcoming space for the members of the community the surrounding regions. Congratulations, Erika, you are much appreciated! 

A young person swimming at the Franklin Middle School pool with V3 Sports.

A few weeks ago, V3 resumed our Friday Open Swim and Swim to Learn programs at Franklin Middle School in North Minneapolis. Our commitment lies in offering healthier lifestyle choices for North Minneapolis and addressing the disparities, particularly in aquatic education. Understanding how to swim is a crucial life skill, particularly in Minnesota, the state of 10,000 lakes, where water activities are integral year-round. 

V3 firmly believes that regardless of one’s background or financial situation, everyone should have the chance to learn this essential skill. Learning to swim and increasing overall comfortability in water literally saves lives.  

If you have any interest in getting your young ones in the pool or you’re interested in jumping in the pool yourself, please reach out by sending an email to molly@v3sports.org.

Thank you for reading this month’s blog! We cannot do this work alone, and if you would like to contribute to the continued success of V3 Sports, we encourage you to donate here.

Every dollar matters and investing in V3 Sports is also a contribution to the growth and development of North Minneapolis and the surrounding regions. We also encourage you to join our mailing list here so that we can keep you up to date on our plans. At present, we are on track for a Spring 2024 opening! 

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