Give to the Max: Rising to the Challenge Together

What a tumultuous year we’ve experienced in 2020. A pandemic continues to take the lives of our friends and neighbors, forcing us into our homes and exposing health and wellness disparities. To put it simply, communities of color are disproportionately impacted. 

In March and May, respectively, the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd produced an incredible moment of unity, collectively leading us into the streets to make sure our voices are heard. Centuries of anger and frustration over racism and injustice turned into civil unrest in Minneapolis and beyond.

A group of people raise their fist in front of a mural of George Floyd
Photo credit: Lorie Shaull / Flickr

But as V3 reflects upon the past eleven months, we are emboldened and encouraged. Hard to imagine? 

“The very issues we work tirelessly to combat, problems like disparities in access to health and wellness opportunities, and the lack of social justice and economic opportunity have been further exposed and highlighted. The protests, the marches, and the general election lead us to a moment of tremendous possibility,” V3 Board of Directors Chair Sherman Patterson explained.

The momentum for change V3 has been working toward for years has never been stronger.

That leads us to
Minnesota’s “Give to the Max Day” (Thursday, November 19th). There are many noble and important non-profit organizations changing lives for the better within our North Minneapolis community which deserve your support and attention. V3 does not compete with them; we stand alongside. North Minneapolis is home for V3, we all work for change and step forward in progress together. The V3 Center, a game-changing health and wellness facility, as well as a future employer promising tremendous economic impact, is a part of this greater movement toward inclusion and equity.

So, on “Give to the Max Day,” donate generously to any group striving to improve lives and address the inequities affecting thousands of our friends in the incredible community of North Minneapolis. Provide whatever you can, and please know, everything helps. V3 is beyond grateful for your support. Positive change is coming, and we’ll continue to move forward as one unified community. We have no doubt we will rise to the challenge together in this crucial and opportune moment.