Worth a King’s Ransom II: Celebrating Artists in Minneapolis

Minneapolis came alive with creativity and appreciation for the arts during the highly anticipated “Worth a King’s Ransom” event. Hosted by Triple Kings, this remarkable gathering brought together our community to celebrate and support the local art scene through an immersive silent art auction. The event proved to be a resounding success, captivating art enthusiasts and fostering a sense of pride in the local talent.

Guests viewing art at Worth a King’s Ransom II. Photo by Dame G Sr.

Hosted at the Hennepin, the venue was transformed into a captivating gallery space, providing the perfect stage for the auction. Attendees were greeted with an impressive display of artwork from talented local artists including Barret Lee, Jandeltha Rae, Kasey Robinson, Brandyn Tulloch, and many others. The carefully curated collection featured paintings, augmented reality art, spoken word poetry, live jazz, and guest speakers. The featured artists, each with their unique artistic voices, demonstrated their passion and dedication through their thought-provoking and visually stunning creations. Attendees had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the artistic depth present within the Twin Cities.

“Worth a King’s Ransom” served as a platform to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary talent within the Twin Cities while raising funds and awareness for V3 Sports and Smart North, fostering a sense of community engagement and connection. A percentage of funds raised from the silent auction will be donated to both organizations to support the efforts around youth & community enrichment. The event served as a catalyst for building bridges and celebrating the shared passion for art and music.

Erika L. Binger giving a speech at Worth a King’s Ransom II. Photo by JW MPLS

Erika Binger, Founding Director of V3 Sports, gave a brief speech about the impact V3 Sports continues to have in the community, especially when it comes to aquatic knowledge and decreasing drowning disparities. Binger stated, “ In the land of 10,000 lakes – in the city of lakes – not knowing how to swim is an environmental injustice, creates barriers and in worse case scenarios ends in death.” She also addressed how the soon-to-be V3 Center will directly elevate the lives around us by, “attracting nearly 24,000 people a year to North Minneapolis” and employing “over 100 full and part-time employees from North.”

Will Preble and Tayo Daniel with Smart North shared a few words about their nonprofit and how it’s providing a direct solution to the problems that exist within our community and our youth’s accessibility to technology. Smart North currently has two Tech Hubs located in Minneapolis, which provide opportunities for youth to utilize technology that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to: i.e. computers, virtual reality tools, and more.

“Worth a King’s Ransom” was not just about celebrating art; it was a celebration of the power of creativity to inspire, empower and uplift. Through their work, the local artists ignited imagination, stirred emotions, and sparked conversations about important social and cultural issues. The event provided a platform for these artists to share their perspectives and to encourage dialogue, enriching the community’s understanding and appreciation of the arts. As attendees left with their treasured artworks, they carried with them the stories and visions of the talented artists, knowing that their contributions had made a significant impact in nurturing a flourishing artistic community.

Guests watching and recoding the spoken word artists. Photo by JW MPLS.

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