• The Need

While our mission has evolved and our ambition has grown, water remains a key driving force for us.

Every year, several children and adults lose their lives in our lakes. We know drowning is preventable. We also know that, nationwide, drowning disparities exist at alarming rates and historically, experts have tied these tragic statistics to a lack of access and opportunity.

Drowning rates for children of color are up to seven times higher than their white counterparts.

—Minneapolis Star Tribune (July 2018)

Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” Minneapolis is known as the “City of Lakes” but both the City and State are home to some of the largest income and educational achievement gaps in the United States.  Now consider the fact that our youth and adults on the northside must find a way to get out to the suburbs if they even want to have a chance to learn to swim. This must change.

Together, we can save lives!