Elevating with V3 Sports in Minneapolis

Spring – the time of year when new beginnings emerge – is right around the corner. Not only will green leaves be everywhere, but there will also be a ton of blue; more specifically, the V3 Sports blue. The anticipation of opening the doors of The V3 Center – Phase One is starting to become […]

V3 Sports Appoints Malik Rucker the Executive Director of V3 Sports

V3 Sports has appointed Malik Rucker to the new role of Executive Director. V3 Sports is a non-profit that is developing a new community-inspired health and wellness destination focused on elevating the physical, emotional, and social well-being of North Minneapolis residents through fitness, educational programming and community gatherings. The first phase of the V3 Center […]

V3 Center Gets $6 Million Boost from Sauer Family

V3 Sports is thrilled to share a major milestone in developing the V3 Center, a health and wellness sports facility serving North Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area. The Sauer family generously committed $6 million to support the completion of The V3 Center – Phase One, which will serve as a hub of collaboration, offering […]

Mural Painting Open Call for the V3 Center

Introducing V3 Sports V3 Sports is opening a world-class health and wellness center called, The V3 Center, located in the heart of North Minneapolis. V3 Sports is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to elevating our community through wellness, fitness, and education. We have a strong relationship with water and increasing aquatic knowledge; one of […]