Pool Parties with Nellie Stone Johnson

Although V3 Sports is all about business when it comes to ensuring aquatic learning is achieved, V3 Sports truly values having a good time. V3 is hosting Pool Parties every Friday during February and March at Franklin Middle School for the students and families of Nellie Stone Johnson Elementary. We are extremely grateful for The Sanneh Foundation for providing transportation and Sanctuary Covenant Church for providing snacks. Thank you to our super-star team of swim instructors and leaders – your generous support is what makes things like this possible.

Let’s talk about Nellie for a moment. Working with incredible organizations, such as Nellie Stone Johnson Elementary, is a blessing to V3. Miss Johnson, a great inspiration for women and people of color, lived in Minnesota and has an elementary school named after her in North Minneapolis, and was commemorated with a statue at the Minnesota State Capital in November’ 2022.

Nellie held many union leadership positions, including being the first Black person and first woman vice president of the Minnesota Culinary Council. She advanced workers’ rights and pioneered negotiating equal pay for women. She was a founder of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party and became the first Black official elected to citywide office in Minneapolis.

It is an honor and blessing – to partner with a school living out a legacy and V3 Sports hopes to continue Nellie’s impact. Even if it’s just a fraction of what this woman accomplished, that alone can move mountains!  

2023 has been off to a great start. Each year we increase our ability to execute our mission; ‘providing health, wellness, equity, and opportunity through fitness, water safety, education, and economic impact.’ With the genuine support of the community, V3 Sports will have Phase One of the V3 Center complete and ready for the community to experience early Spring of 2024. V3 believes North Minneapolis deserves more access to health, wellness, community space and aquatic learning – a space to have fun and also learn important skills when it comes to water safety.

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