Swim to Learn™ (S2L)

This program is your gateway to engaging with water in a meaningful, intentional, and transformative way. Beyond learning to swim, our participants begin a journey that intertwines aquatic skills with core values, promoting physical proficiency, self-awareness and personal growth.  

Embark on your aquatic journey with V3 Sports’ Swim to Learn™ program—where every splash tells a story of growth and discovery.  


Program Overview:
Whether you’re taking your first dip or looking to elevate your aquatic prowess, the S2L program at V3 Sports offers a comprehensive, enriching, and rewarding journey. Explore our Swim to Learn™ levels and find the perfect fit for you or your family and friends. Embrace the values of Ritual, Courage, Determination, and Perseverance, and transform your relationship with water today.  

Program Levels:

V.I.P (Very Important Process) – Focus: Ritual (Rites of Passage)  
Designed for our youngest swimmers, this introductory level welcomes children into the aquatic world, with their parents or guardians by their side. In a nurturing and safe environment, participants learn basic water comfort skills, kickstarting their aquatic adventure with a shared experience of discovery and bonding. This level lays the groundwork for a lifelong love and respect for water. 

S2L 1 – Focus: Courage  
Through the development of foundational aquatic skills and water safety practices, this level is all about embracing the courage within. It’s the first step in a journey of confidence-building and aquatic mastery.  
S2L 2 – Focus: Determination   
Building upon the basics, this level challenges participants to refine their stroke techniques and learn vital lifesaving skills. With determination at the heart of this stage, swimmers are motivated to push through barriers, enhancing their abilities and preparing for more advanced aquatic challenges.  
S2L 3 – Focus: Perseverance   
In this level participants work on their endurance, stroke techniques, and explore the exhilarating world of water sports and underwater skills. This level celebrates the power of perseverance, encouraging participants to continuously strive for excellence and broaden their aquatic horizons. 

Swim to Earn ™ 

V3 Sports’ groundbreaking Swim to Earn™ (S2E) program is designed to blend personal development with economic advancement. From lifeguarding to underwater photography, our program is a launchpad for careers in aquatics. 


Program Overview: 
Swim to Earn™(S2E) is a transformative journey aimed at unlocking potential and paving the way for career opportunities in the aquatic field. With a commitment to bringing increased diversity to the world of aquatics, S2E offers culturally relevant training that recognizes and values each participant’s unique background and experiences. 

Program Courses:

ATLAS (Aquatic Training & Lifesaving Aquatic Skills)

Course Overview:
The ATLAS course is the cornerstone of the S2E program, focusing on imparting essential lifesaving and water safety skills. This course prepares participants for the Red Cross lifeguard certification exam, with a structured curriculum that includes up to 18 comprehensive training sessions. 

More Info: 
Sessions: 6 to 18 
Participants: 3 (min) – 8 (max) 
Session Time: 90 Minutes 
Eligibility: Age 15+, ability to swim 50 yards 
Activities: In-water rescue, first aid, CPR, and written exam practice 

Swim Guide Training
Course Overview:
Become a beacon of aquatic education with our Swim Guide Training. This extensive program equips you with the expertise to teach swimming effectively, ensuring safety and promoting inclusivity in every session.

More Info: 
Style: Cohort 
Sessions: Multiple days over several weeks 
Participants: 3 – 10 
Total Hours: 50 (20hrs in class/30 hrs shadow) 
Eligibility: Age 15+, ability to swim 50 yrds 
Skills Gained: Fundamental swimming techniques, teaching methods, safety protocols, and interpersonal skills. 

Aquatic Special Skills Training
Course Overview:
Explore the depths of specialized aquatic fields with our Special Skills Training. This course offers unique opportunities in disciplines like scuba diving, pool engineering, and underwater photography, enriching your career prospects in the aquatic sector.
More Info: 
Style: Cohort 
Participants: 6 – 8 
Session Time: 90 Minutes – 2hrs 
Eligibility: Age 15+, Ability to swim 50yrds, interest in specialized disciplines 
Outcomes: Hands-on experience, theoretical knowledge, networking, and mentorship opportunities 

At V3 Sports, we are creating pathways for success in the aquatic industry. The S2E program is your chance to have exposure into various fulfilling aquatic careers and join a growing community of aquatic professionals dedicated to exploring the water around us.

Open Pool 

Our facility opens its doors to folks of all ages and skill levels during designated Open Pool times, providing a welcoming space for everyone to enjoy the water in their own unique way. Whether you’re looking to swim some laps, float away stress, or just splash around with friends and family, the Genesis pool can be your go-to spot! 

Open Pool times vary, so be sure to check our online calendar to stay up-to-date on when the pool is available. 

What to Bring:
– Swimwear
– Towel
– Goggles (optional),
– Swim cap (optional)
– Floaties (optional)

More info:
Feel free to ask about other equipment that you can borrow during your swim

Open Pool is a shared space, so we encourage courteous and respectful use of pool resources and amenities. 

Pool Play

Whether you’re coming solo, with friends, or with family, Pool Play offers something for everyone—a place to laugh, learn, and connect in the vibrant setting of our community pool. Pool Play is an interactive and vibrant experience designed to bring our community together through the joy of water play. 

During Pool Play our trained Swim Guides are in the water to help facilitate in-water games and help participants learn or practice new skills. From water tag and treasure hunts to relay races and skill challenges, our Swim Guides are there to create an engaging and fun experience for all.  

Pool Play is part of our mission to foster engagement, community development, and socialization in and around water.  We believe in the power of play and the importance of learning new skills in a fun, inclusive environment. Pool Play is designed to promote individual growth and strengthen the bonds within our community, creating lasting memories and friendships.

On-deck games: 
At Pool Play there will also be games to play on the deck like super-sized Connect 4, Chess, and Jenga.

There will be family-friendly music playing to enhance the good vibes and fun environment. Feel free to dance in or out of the water! 

Toys and Tools for Exploration:
Curiosity and exploration are at the heart of Pool Play. We provide an assortment of water toys and tools for participants to try out, from pool noodles and kickboards to underwater rings and dive toys. It’s a great opportunity to experiment with new ways of playing in the water and experiencing the thrill of discovery. 

What to Bring:
Bring your swimwear, a positive attitude and an open mind! We’ll take care of the rest—from the games to the Swim Guides, to the music!

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